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Credit Card Services

Our Credit Card Services offer a complete end-to-end solution that supports the entire lifecycle of a credit card program. With 1.8 million accounts processed annually, we are the largest provider of outsourced credit card processing in Canada. We are also an emerging leader in the provision of value-add, cross-sell, and Membership Services programs. Customers benefit from our in-house credit card experience at all levels as well as our ability to create seamless integration within their organization.

We offer Canadian financial institutions and retailers credit card administration and support services as part of a fully integrated program including proven technology platforms, exceptional program management capabilities, and highly trained personnel to deliver significant improvements to customer credit card portfolios. For certain clients, Millennium services a portion of the process while for others a full end-to-end solution is provided including back office support.

Key value proposition elements include integrated program design and market launch strategies, shorter turnaround times for card activation, reduced servicing costs and more successful product up-sell campaigns. We also offer robust security and compliance protocols with extensive experience in development of card program policies and procedures for regulated bank card portfolios.

Millennium Credit Card Services offerings include:

  • Program Development and Execution Planning
  • Application Processing – Includes application data capture and application approval based on customer-supplied criteria.
  • Fulfillment – Activation of credit cards to approved customers.
  • Credit Adjudication
  • Fraud Management and Chargeback Processing
  • Financial Transaction Management – Encompasses fraud case management and anti-money-laundering and anti-terrorist compliance.
  • Payment Processing – Includes all payment types including both paper and electronic.
  • Call Centre Services – Servicing cardholder account or credit inquiries throughout the customer life-cycle including extensive inbound sales and retention capabilities.